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Sunday 15 September 2013


Tim sent me a link to this blog today.  A couple of Kiwis who are staying with my brother (House available to rent next summer) at the moment and immersing themselves in the local food.  I do have to say it is nigh on impossible NOT to when you are there, it being very agricultural an' all.   The food is amazing but I did so understand when Tim came over that he longed for shepherds pie and curry and English sausages. 

I am delighted that one of my friends from the Around the Dinner Table forum is sending her daughter over to stay with him and help out.  She has had to learn to drive a "stick shift" for her trip.  I did laugh that apparently her father is being heard to grumble in the background that he can drive a stick shift and is good with children so why can't he go?  Because you're the Daddy, that's why.

I hope R does a blog too.  If she does, I'll bet she too takes a photo at the Winery where they fill up your flagons, via a petrol pump type arrangement.  Just saying.

I have been trying to concentrate Em's mind on next summer.  She wants to do a summer camp in the USA and I have put her in touch with the crew out there.  She said she liked the hot humid heat of Barbados in July, so I am researching Alabama!  I expect she might be grateful that I have offered her a lay-over near Seattle afterwards.

We are due a big storm tonight and I know I should have gone and picked the plums because the branches are all going to snap, OK?  And Uhu will gorge himself and I will have to live with the consequences for the next few days.  Sigh.  

But up and down stairs is about the sum total of my travelling just now.  We are off to the hospital for the results of the scan tomorrow and I admit to being a little distracted by it all.  I am not sure I want to know anything at all but understand that HWISO and the children do.  So I am preparing myself for worst - weeks rather than months - and hoping for the best - months rather than weeks.  

It's a hard road to travel, this one.


  1. A great friend of mine has just come back from doing a camp out in the USA - a bit like Parent Trap. I can send you the details xx

  2. Charlotte, I can hook your daughter up with a great summer camp in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Let me know if she's interested.

  3. Many months...doing what I can from here.

  4. I just hope Em knows that a week or two in Barbados heat, while wearing a swim suit most of the time probably, is VERY different from months of the same heat in the American south. I would stay very far away from that! Most of the summer months in the US are fairly hot, and not too unpleasant, but NOT IN THE SOUTH!

    Had to all-caps that, just had to!

    And I am so sorry for your hard road. So. damn. sorry. Thanks, though, for continuing to share. We will all be in similar situations some day, with ourselves or a loved one. We are learning so much from you!