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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Battling away

again on this thread on Mumsnet.

Sigh - the antiquated emphasis on environment and out-dated psychology.  Read Matt Ridley's Genome - pretty please?

Went to Southwold with Big Bruv yesterday to sort out the probate on Mum's estate, have lunch in the Lord Nelson, buy a t-shirt with a grumpy crab on it to wear on "steroid" days and see the lovely Mermaid, Jane.

Waiting to hear on an aspiration time and hoping it is tomorrow so can meet up with the lovely Helen today, in the Suffolk Food Hall.

Feeling sorry for G's friend, HL, who appears to have left most of his clothing here after the party on Tuesday.  Loving the fact that his swimming towel is name-taped.  Slightly surprised it doesn't have a return address on it or a "Please look after this towel" sticker....

Loving having Tim here who has taken HWISO off to play golf again this morning, managing to persuade him NOT to take Trouble by gently suggesting that the golf course may need to get used to HWISO before introducing Trouble.  Tim has also fixed Em's hill start problem in her car, emptied the dishwasher and made me giggle by leaving a long note for G, which didn't include swear words or condoms (see below).

Chemo tomorrow.

ALL my eyebrows fell out two days ago in the night.  Why?  Thought about buying a eyebrow pencil and then totally forgot about it.  Will lick the end of a pencil and smudge if necessary.

Lastly my witty and original reaction to finding condoms on the kitchen table, which was much more even tempered and reasonable than HWISO's, who was seen gently sharpening his axe......

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