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Friday 9 August 2013

Endocrinal dysphasias and other nonsense

My book companion has been The Pursuit of Laughter by Diana Mosley, a collection of her acerbic essays ,articles and reviews. I have read with great interest her 1958 review of Homosexuality: it's nature, causation and treatment. Diana Mosley was pretty astute fifty odd years ago in pulling this wildly improbable load of long words to pieces.

Whilst homosexuality is no longer viewed as a disorder or curable, much of the non-sensical psychoanalytical crap still abounds today, especially a around eating disorders.

This that made me laugh out loud:

" the basic cause for homosexuality is a psychological deviation. There is the possibility of subsidiary and ancillary factors such as endocrine dysphasias accentuating the psychological deviation but these do not appear ever to be the prime cause. The psychological basis is confirmed clinically by the response to psychotherapy and the failure to respond to other measures such as glandular therapy."

I hope you are laughing too at the absurdity of this nonsense. Next time some well meaning person tries to tell you about eating disorders being as the result of psychobabble nonsense, ask them about glandular therapy. Pretty please?

The Teen Tatler may be interested to know that homosexuality is not catching. Nor are eating disorders as they claimed in their latest edition. Sigh.

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