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Sunday 25 August 2013

Sea and sewing

Whilst I continue to inspire the great Colleen with Serena Hall artwork for my commissioned quilt, Selina sends me an email with a picture of her sewing box, now some 40 years old.  It was part of the uniform list at Riddlesworth.  I can't quite believe that she still has her original one though I fess up to having a sewing box with lots of exciting things in it.

The problem is I can't sew.

Really I can't.

My mum could whip up clothes on the Singer.  She could turn collars and cuffs, put a yoke in a shirt and do a pleated skirt, even.  I find doing a nametape a torturous road to a panic attack.  The needlework mistress at Tudor Hall actually burst into tears when Mum tried to insist that I should do needlework 'O' level.  I really am that bad.

There are lots of things I CAN do and am quite good at.  So why do I persist in keeping a fully stocked, cotton-reel rich, sewing box in a cupboard that I frequently open?

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  1. Hi Charle, its TNWITW here! Just checking in to see how you are doing. I do love your blog. I also hate sewing and give ANY mending to granny Sue, I am hopeless. Your commissioned quilt sounds lovely though. Serina Hall's work is so bright and beautiful! I also wanted to say congrats to Georgie who sounds like she did brilliantly in her GCSE's. Well done her........taken in her stride just like her mum!! I found a picture of the two Emily B's this weekend sitting in an armchair together aged 4/5. Will try to scan it and send it over. It's a classic. Thinking of you all Debsxx