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Saturday 31 August 2013


done for another year.  Phew.  All the grain is safely gathered in to the stores and we are taking a big deep breath.

As I said yesterday, the work continue apace and there is still much to do but the tension of watching the long-range forecasts and the relentless pushing to get the corn in of an evening, before the "dag" comes down, is over.  

For me, that means that the "morning meeting" (6.45am round the kitchen table) changes.  The talk shifts from dieseling the combine and moving the header trailer, or "putting some air" through the grain store or where and when we are going to "move" today, towards the future of the farm.  I like this bit as I can finally get them to concentrate on the longer term, make plans and move forward.  

They work well as a team, for the most part, and have turned the farm completely on its head in the past 5 years, from a "gentleman's hobby" to a working profitable farming partnership.  I am really proud of them.

Analogy wise, I have seen this in many families in my work too.  I am equally proud of them.  I have also seen a subtle sea-change in the attitude of clinicians towards parents of children with eating disorders.  It is a minute shift and I do feel we are still melting ice-bergs with disposable lighters.

If only I could get them round my kitchen table at 6.45am every day.....

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  1. Charlotte's Round Table meetings - sounds like a plan :-)