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Friday 30 August 2013

A reply from Jane....

To my blog 

Tried to reply to cousin Charlotte's blog but messed up so will post here. 
The bus ride to Oxford with my Mum (Auntie Bid), Uncle John and Auntie Linda (my Mum) is now a bit hazy, due to the interesting day that followed and which ended with Linda taking us all to tea at the Randolph for a bit of peace and quiet. 
There is definatly a family gene, which makes certain members compelled to chat to strangers. I do not have it due to shyness and a childhood dread of who my mother would speak to everyone and anyone. Even today I took her to the Woodland Burial Ground and she found some poor old chap to accost. 
In her later years, she always arrived by train from Wales with some young man in tow struggling with her luggage, having sucked his life history from him! The ultimate goes to my grandmother (Charlotte's great Aunt Dorothy) who in the 1940's sold her farm on a train to a stranger she got talking to!

Rock and roll, Aunt Dorothy.

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