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Saturday 10 August 2013


I got a message yesterday that Matt Ridley had been sent my blog to read.  This is deeply flattering but very discombobulating.

I mean.....MATT RIDLEY.

As my life has progressed, my crushes have too.  I was, like, SO in love with Donny Osmond at first (wore a lot of purple - his favourite colour!), then fancied myself as Mrs David Bowie - and all before I was 16.  My raging hormones have all but disappeared and I know confine myself to "brain crushes".  Matt Ridley is one of those.  At the moment, he is my No 1, having just finished Genome.  He has replaced Ben Goldacre - sorry, Ben.

IF (and it is a big if!) he reads my blog, I am nervous that I am sounding like a gushing idiot and worry that I will constrain my randomness and spontaneity in an effort to impress him with my intellectual prowess.  (Matt Ridley, for goodness sake - who wouldn't want to impress him?).  For the record, I have met his overwhelmingly beautiful wife, who is a neuroscientist and interesting, witty and funny and not in the slightest bit intimidating.  I am definitely no competition or threat but would love to sit in on their conversations over dinner. 

So if I go a bit "show-offy" and "sciencey" for a while, please understand it is only a passing phase.  Either that, or find me another brain crush.  Preferably one who is no longer with us so that they cannot be sent my blog.  Or if they are alive and well, please don't send them my blog.  Or tell me about it.

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