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Monday 19 August 2013

What a wait...

So I had an appointment at 12.30 to see the wonderful Dr W - the last patient in her morning clinic.  I got in at 2.20 p.m, 20 minutes after her afternoon clinic was supposed to start.

Guess what the first thing I said to her was?

"Have you had your lunch?"

Old habits die hard.

I think she might have been alerted to the blog as all the scans were up and readable.  Not in the brain, the liver or the lungs.  Just a big lump in my lymph node under my armpit, under the original lump, which is making me so darn uncomfortable and grumpy.  Radiotherapy discussed and rejected as it was felt that it might make the "team" feel like they were doing something but very unlikely to give me anything other than a severial burn and a stress headache from trying to park at Addenbrookes.  That's why I love Dr W so much - she really gets me.

We are going to try low dose steroids as they seem to help and next chemo in two weeks time as that really helps too.

I may have blotted my copybook slightly by referring to the Palliative Care team as the Terminators - at least I didn't call them the Death Eaters.  I have refused their kind offer of a visit just now, knowing that if I arrange for them to come, HWISO and G will decide that I am "hiding something" and come and check on me every hour to see that I have not died.  As Dr W assures me that I have "a lot more" than 2 weeks left to live, I think we can hold off on that particular stress attack until later.

Next time I must remember that the lovely oncology nurse, Alison, is head of the Terminators and would be the person coming out to see us.......

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