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Saturday 3 August 2013

Feeling hungover

but infinitely more cheery.  Hospitals are not cheery places despite attempts with paint colours and smiling faces.  Cancer wards' "cheeriness" ratings are reduced hugely by the fact that everyone there is ill.  Really ill in lots of cases.  There is no escaping it the grey pallor, the lack of hair and the tiredness.  I shall henceforth not write blogs in the waiting room, although I will go and sit with E more often, as she finds my new "Sod it, I shall just say it anyway" policy both helpful and unalarming.

Chemo hangover being alleviated by Tim making endless pots of tea for me and chatting.

Em helped me try on lots of dresses for the party yesterday.  None of them fit across the shoulder so we are off this morning to buy a new one (maybe silk pj's to go with Lizzy's dressing gown?) and false eyelashes.  She also found an eyebrow pencil and, to our excitement, we found 4 eyebrow hairs to try the brush thingy out on.  Bless her.  She is being an angel.  (For the sake of fairness, G also an angel but away partying).

Had a lovely lunch with Helen down on the estuary on Thursday, the first official meeting of the MACLED club (Mothers Against Cancer, Lupus and Eating Disorders), compared steroids and eyed up the dishy butcher (tall one, second from right!) from our table in the shade.  Cathartic and funny.

HWISO and Tim could hardly wait for me to get back from the hospital yesterday so they could "go and play with Big Bertha".  BB is a golf club, just in case you thought otherwise.  I am SO pleased they are having fun but wish the rain would stop so we could get the harvest in.

It has been a weird year for farmers with the late spring (all one day of it!) and harvest starting nearly a month late.  Both HWISO and his brother are like moles in sunlight, seeing what "other people" do in the summer and, at last, understanding "summer holidays" as, for the first time, they are not flat out doing 16 hour days on the land, whilst everyone else is getting their groove back in the Med, or driving 9 hours to Cornwall.

Do you think instead of a hymn everyone would jolly along to "Bring me Sunshine" at my now Humanist service (thanks to R, C, B and all the others who suggested the Humanist thing) and would it be too bossy of me to leave a letter instructing everyone to introduce themselves to someone they don't know at the gathering?  I only ask this because they will have me in common to open the conversation, rather than stuttering through the weather and the Royal Baby.  I have been corresponding a lot with a lovely friend in Australia for a long time now.  I only found out yesterday that she is a gynaecologist.  All those intimate questions I could have asked her, whilst squatting on a mirror!! (Winky faced emoticon, people).

So off to a party to celebrate my good friend Rose's birthday. Another one from prep school with a quilted nylon dressing gown - I wonder what colour hers was?  I will have to ask.  

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