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Tuesday 30 July 2013

Mental Health Guidelines Survey - please take part.

Well done to Beat for getting things moving with regard to this consultation.  I ranted in my answers, including terms such as evidence base and early intervention.

My coup de grace was to point out to the Idiots at the Ministry of Magical Thinking (a.k.a. The Department of Health) that, just because you can't "see" mental health problems, does not mean they are not as damaging as a broken leg.  If not more so.

Encouraging the MoMT to actually grasp that mental health issues are not going to go away and that short-term spending money on them, will mostly give long term benefits and reduce the burden on the NHS, is a GOOD thing, people.

It is also immensely satisfying to point out that the MoMT is mostly peopled by ostriches.  Hoping that mental health problems will resolve themselves, that patients will "want to get better" and magically cure themselves or, in the case of children and young people, will "grow out of it" is not borne out by experience....

Just saying.

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