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Saturday 31 August 2013

Another one of those nights

The problem with Uhu and the plums continues.  G got back from a party at 1 am this morning to find that her father had locked her out - a genuine mistake, I promise - so she rang me to let her in.  At 3 am, Uhu could cross his legs no longer, so up I got again and made the mistake of checking my phone, whilst he took his 20 minute amble round the garden.

And got into an email exchange with a couple of friends in the Great Pacific North West, where it was a perfectly respectable time to be emailing.

And read the comment on Nelly's blog from the "suspected" clinician of two blogs below.

So the brain fires up.  Stimulated by steroids, morphine worn off and a windy night meant that I just couldn't go back to sleep.  I am reading the grown up J K Rowling book at the moment.  Is it just me, or does anyone else keep expecting Hagrid on his motorbike any minute?  It eventually worked its magic (Ha Ha) and I dozed off for another couple of hours.

Meeting HWISO in the kitchen this morning, we decided that the dogs don't wake us up when the children are away.  Is this because the dogs don't get disturbed or that we sleep better when the girls are not under our roof?  The girls don't normally thump around and keep us awake into the small hours - unless we have been particularly bad, schoopid parents and need punishing - and I suspect are well tucked-up and dreaming at 3 a.m.  Maybe the dogs do bark at 3 a.m. when the girls are away and HWISO and I don't hear them because we are more soundly asleep.

What slightly worries me is that Mum used to say "You may be 30, 40, 45 and a mother yourself, but you are STILL MY BABY".  

Do other parents not sleep so well when their children are at home - listening out for them as we used to do when they were babies?  Or is it just me and HWISO?

Uhu and me in the sea at Southwold


  1. we are learning to sleep while children at home but remember how difficult it was after they had been away for a bit to get used to NOT listening out. H is worse than I am and used to find it impossible not to keep watch, which was very foolish when said adult child was working as a nurse on shifts.

  2. My dogs (well actually Benji - Midge sleeps fine anywhere, any time) definitely sleep better when there are fewer people in the house. And even though he's my dog, he sleeps best when he's on his own with my parents.
    When we're all in one house, he tends to get someone up at 3.30ish every night. He does have IBD ... but mostly he simply wants to have an explore of the garden rather than actually to go.

    So it's fascinating that you have a similar thing with Uhu..