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Friday 23 August 2013

I've been busy....

remembering to take my pain meds BEFORE things hurt - easier said than done.  Working on it, Lisa.

getting G off to France to have 5 days with Heavenly Gay Godfather. Well, qualify that, I have been nagging G to get ready to go to France with HGG. All arrived safely....

doing school shopping with Em. Spent half an hour in the top of W H Smiths, surrounded by ever increasing piles of paper, files (Note: how do I know if a file is "gay"? I think we speak a different language) and Biros.

talking with the Fairy Blogmother on Skype - always too short and exquisitely pleasurable.  Not as good as having her here but close.

trying to get some attention from Health Watch for my guest blogger Jen.

I have been horrified by a troll attack via Twitter on a dear friend and fellow advocate for people with eating disorders but WOW are some of those people long on time and short on intellect.  I did laugh at being called "fat phobic".  I think the family would possibly disagree with the troll on that one.

I hate Twitter and the bullying that goes on there.  It is not a medium that appeals to me - I have way to much to say in such a short space.  Hey ho.  Trolls: 0, so far.  All I have managed is to laughsnort out my tea at the fat phobic thing which means I need to wash my shirt.

Been busy sorting out my internet musings for people to use, when the time comes.  I am lucky to have a strong cohort of wonderful women to guard my stuff and use it wisely.  And they all like each other.....

I am commissioning a quilt from my very talented friend, Colleen.  I said I would show her the picture that I specially love to give her inspiration.  She is the one who made the T-Shirt and she sent me a whole box of them this week, so let me know if you want one.

So TWO pictures of the day (please note return of hair and eyebrows!) and a big up to Onemoremum for getting the attention of HealthWatch.


  1. Love all you do and you so much xxx the picture re quilt is perfect - Hockney ish or is it? I'm not up on my art these day's. We are a family of analysts, drama queens and music.

  2. You are amazing as always - these days my life isn't complete without reading at least a blog post of yours. And even though you can't make the world make sense, your words help me cope with some of the stupider stuff.
    I saw your troll. took a while to figure out what the heck they were even all about. (not very good at twitter).
    I think you got 'thin privileged'. I've recently learnt about privilege after a fat blogger ranted about how people with a restricting eating disorder who were obese, were anorexic and that it was discrimination and thin privilege in action that they cannot have that anorexia nervosa diagnosis. I tried to explain that it's not discrimination - I mean, even emaciated people who menstruated have had to stick with an EDNOS diagnosis pre DSM-5 - it's just how a diagnosis works, you have to fulfil criteria and that they are there for a reason - and if being a low weight for you wasn't important (or at least to be losing I think, these people she was ranting about aren't losing weight despite restricting for months) is important - because obviously they would have reconsidered it, given the changes like leaving out the actual BMI etc - but found it still important to include. That is not a light decision. I told them their ED is very serious and they need and deserve help and are at risk, but they did not have anorexia nervosa. But I got a slew of abuse and was called 'fat shaming' and told I had thin privilege, I was not acknowledging it, etc... now if people knew what I've been through with ED and the abuse I've copped for being emaciated they would probably laugh at 'thin privilege'. Also, while social privilege eg White privilege, Male privilege etc etc ARE very pressing concerns and personally I am very interested in what I can do to stop being part of problems like that - I really don't see the level of discrimination against just fat people as there is against say black people etc. There just isn't. Obese people, yes. But fat people - that's at least 60% of our population and has become our 'norm'. So people who are 'fat' yes might be genetically so or so from medication, medical etc - but obese is a completely further matter and I can't but help feel there is either a level of control OR an eating disorder because it has to come from somewhere. You aren't born obese and hundreds of pounds don't materialise from thin air. Obese people ARE discriminated against and terribly - but guess what? So are emaciated people. And yet, emaciated people cop it, not just that, but most of us acknowledge that if we want to stop being treated like that, we h ave to stand up and fight our ED. We didn't choose to have it and it sucks, but we have the choice to fight it, and throwing blame around isn't going to help anyone, and isn't going to help them with their ED either. I will never liken having anorexia to being born black or being female over male, although having written this I'm starting to see grey areas... argh.
    Anyway what I was trying to say is you got trolled by the 'thin privilege' brigade and they can be rude, there also isn't really any sense in trying to talk sense into them because they do not WANT to see it, they want someone to blame for their problems and they don't want to accept any responsibility for same. They also expect to be given a pass for extreme rudeness (swearing at you and calling you swear words) because you have privilege so they have a right to be angry.... also I have seen overweight people called thin by these people - because they are black and white - you are obese, or you are thin and have thin privilege.
    See what an endless suck this all is? The world is crazy.
    Anyway I'm sorry for ranting! I hope you have a good trip to France. I love your tshirt, am cheering at eyebrows, and think the quilt will rock!
    PS again I love that tshirt, I think it's awesome every time I see it somewhere eg facebook news feed :)