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Tuesday 13 August 2013

Pleased as punch

She passed

My brilliant ickle bickle baby girl passed her driving test first time.

Bursting with pride (and relief!) here.


  1. Better park in my drive from now on eh? Anonymous wetherden resident.

  2. Hello Charlotte Emily and Georgie. This is Mrs WJ although I think Sally is probably a better option now! I wanted to say well done Emily. I am alarmed to think that it is only about 5 minutes since Emily was in Year 2 and beginning speech and drama. It is wonderful to see her and Georgie achieving so much. Charlotte I am not going to mouth platitudes but I want you all to know that if I can do anything especially to support the girls I am always here. Once a Riddlesworth girl always a Riddlesworth girl. Love and strength to you all. Oh and the picture is John...(not sure how he got there!)I have not changed all that much in the intervening years!