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Saturday 31 August 2013

Things I won't miss

when my girls go back to Boarding School:

  • the washing, the washing, the washing...
  • the 4 times a day emptying of the dishwasher
  • the lack of clean mugs and glasses
  • not having my make-up returned
  • not having my own "Ladyshave" that is not blunt
  • not having 17 different types of shampoo and conditioner open at once
  • not doing emergency washing loads 2 hours before a party
  • not falling over unpacked festival rucksacks
  • not running out of towels
  • crisis of transport to and from parties/festivals/stations/friends
  • not living in hope that the piles of stuff put on the stairs will get taken upstairs by someone else
  • not watching my TV - Ty Pennington, you and I have a date...
  • not running out of favourite food every single day
  • "their" music
  • shoes, trailing in mismatched pairs, from the back door to the attic
  • piles of stuff that "cannot be thrown away", including scraps of "working out" maths papers that are actually doodles and mean nothing at all
  • the WiFi connection being so slow because everyone is downloading or uploading something at the same time
  • the organisation required to keep two teenage girls' social diaries fully straight in my head, when they refuse to write anything down
  • the ping of the "incoming" text
  • the vibrate of the "incoming" text, when complaining about the ping makes them turn the sound off
  • not being able to find the remote controls
  • organising meals for random numbers of people at different times
  • not being told off for waking them up because they have fallen asleep mid-afternoon
  • not having to buy Diet Coke
  • not being quite so broke

However, I shall miss them and their beautiful faces every morning, their intricate, exciting, ebullient lives, their enthusiasm, their directness, their curiousity, their intellect, their passion, their uncontrolled laughter, their anger and their joy, their noise, their smiles and their very essence.  Life will a little more calm, but an awful lot duller without them.

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