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Thursday 22 August 2013


Having been woken at 2 am by G, in a complete twit about whether she'd been disqualified from her History GCSE for writing a flippant remark, I feel like it must be nearly wine o'clock about now.  It is not.  Boo.

G did amazingly in her exams.  Top marks.  She is brilliant.  I could have done without all the worry that went with it but am just too burnt out to complain about the pressure put on people at some a young age.  Instead she is off to a party and then to the South of France with her brilliantly wonderful Godfather tomorrow.

The steroids - qualify that: steroid - no s - seems to be helping with pain but also pumping the brain a bit too much.  I feel like I am some invincible caped crusader, to be honest and am seriously on the edge of snappy bitchiness.  Thinking about getting a scold's bridle for a bit.

Poor HWISO is home because it is raining, so I decided to teach him how to do on-line banking for the farm.  He was actually doing fine, despite my best attempts at distraction with head-desking and loud sighs.  He really got the hang of it after I flounced out of the room, vaguely hand-waving and saying "If you're not going to actually LISTEN to what I am saying...."

He is a saint.  Well, sometimes, he is a saint.

Now, I just need to find some way to Calm Down a bit......

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  1. let me know if a few lavender bags would help :-) xxxxx N.