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Saturday 10 August 2013


The house seems quiet without Tim.  It is funny how quickly HWISO and the girls got used to him and how much they have grown to love him over the last fortnight.  It is the first time they have had the pleasure of his company without him having any responsibility.

Certain new innovations have been gratefully received by his sister - emptying the dishwasher rotas and attempts at doing one's own washing come top of my list.  An introduction to golf and a firm basis for a friendship that has nothing to do with being family, but shared mutual respect and side-splitting laughter by HWISO.  The girls have enjoyed having an irreverent uncle, who swears, tells terribly un-PC jokes and listens carefully when asked.

It has been a revelation for me to share the brother that I have always known with the family who have not had the opportunity to get to know him before now.

I miss my morning tea-maker and someone who doesn't mind me blibbling away about nothing much in particular.  I also miss being able to talk about our shared memories, although we have totally different perspectives on our childhood.  

I am immensely grateful to have been able to have this time.  It is probably something that would not have happened, if I didn't have terminal cancer.  That would have been sad because the girls and HWISO would have gone through life not knowing what a fun, funny and totally irrepressibly enthusiastic man Tim is.

You see, there is ALWAYS an upside.


  1. LOVE this Charlotte ... the world needs more tims :-) xxxxx lots of hugs, Nicki xxx

  2. Love it too, and the fun picture.

  3. just spent a wonderful afternoon with Tim, back in Italy, drinking, smoking cigars and talking the hind legs of a donkey. Happy days!

  4. Glad to hear it, Appassionata, Wouldn't want him to be silent or anything....