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Sunday 4 August 2013

With apologies to Noel....

I must say it was an extraordinary experience for everyone. I'm sure everything  to do with Rose and Guy but I understand myself clearly and I'm quite positive its legal. I only had one glass.

Evening so fine, dressed up to the nines and a balmy clear summer night,
Quaffing martini, all quite seemly, Rose a glittering sight
From Wandsworth, Fulham and South Ken, Norfolk and Suffolk and then, quite extraordinaire, One from Bavar -ia, and, of course, dear Aunt Hen
Livvy and Nora, Aunt V, (don't ya adore her?), Izo and her magnificent singing, without any music, she played every note right

Last night I went to a marvellous party. With Chrissy and Georgie and Em.
We wore our best clothes, though nobody knows, how much new shoes would pinch just then
The drink started flowing, the numbers kept growing
Cleaned and pressed, most suitably dressed, black tie looks so nice on the men

I couldn't have liked it more

I've been to a marvellous party. We had such a wonderful time. Rose hugged and smiled. The presents piled and Major looked on benign. The teenagers deserved to have more reserve and perhaps a little decorum. Well after a cocktail, any attempt at control would fail, so the parents duly ignored them.

Well, they couldn't have like it more.

I've been to a marvellous party - I must say the fun was intense. The guinea fowl and souffle divine, and so was the wine, the atmosphere of Nightclub 1930. I laughed at Rose's face, when confronted with flaming cake and Guy's speech not too wordy. We are hollered and cheered when a expresso bar appeared, and a proper cocktail bar to make us feel perky.

I couldn't have liked it more.

A long gossipy chat with the LPs, Bs, Ms and Danny, and then out to lawn at midnight. Standing in the dark, with Alice and Mark, watching the house lit up so bright. Just like the Palace, for the Queen, I said to Alice, as she bummed yet another cigarette, the music, the photos, one of someone Guy doesn't know. How much better could this party get?

I went to a marvellous party. We were dancing by Eleven thirty. The music was loud and I'm sure in the crowd I saw a few moves that were quite dirty. We wiggled and bopped and eventually dropped back to the bar for drinks, Champagne, Coffee Cocktails, Mojitos and Martinis with gin.

I couldn't have liked it more

I've been to a marvellous party - we didn't leave till quarter to two. We weren't the last, but I think we passed a very short queue for the loo. It was so elegant, the joy was immense and I wish we could do it like you. Dear Monsons what a bash, with lashings of dash, any chance you could do it again?

I couldn't have like it more.

(Thanks for inspiration to Noel Coward and Mark M, who reminded me of the fun of poetry.)

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