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Thursday 15 August 2013


Emily has brilliant AS results.  She has (sensibly) prepared us for 4 "u"s so, with great pride, was able to tell us that they were better than that.

Poor G has an overachieving chest infection and has had to curtail the partying.  We are hoping rest and antibiotics will enable her to be well enough for the V Festival tomorrow.  Crossing fingers and toes.

The lovely Christine arrived yesterday with more food.  Such a joy to see her and catch up, especially as she is away for the next couple of weeks.  I am very proud of her daughter, V, for making such a mature decision about her education and following her dream.  (I went and bought 11 new saucepans thanks to you, Christine - love you!)

Lovely to see Sophie St as well for a quick cuppa, during cricket practice and Yes, Sophie, you do deserve that watch........

All this on a chemo day.  Phew!

Em's godmother, Romay, arrives this evening from Aberdeen.  I CAN'T WAIT to see her.  So much to catch up on and one of those people I feel really comfortable with.  She actually liked the girls when they were little - kudos to her.  I can't wait for the soft Scottish burr and her, being a golf expert an all, may take HWISO out for a bit of R&R, now that we have heavy rain forecast for tonight.

The chemo has decreased the pain in the shoulder by about 500%.  It was getting so bad that I nearly gave up on Tuesday.  I was snappy, tired and slept for 18 hours - very unlike me.  Chemo is weird because you can actually feel it working inside.  Seriously!  Back on the steroids again, as well, so was all over the forum at 4 am this morning.  Grinding my teeth and feeling another SP blog coming on - just warning you all.

Picture of the day for EB who is not on FB so won't have seen it.  Pirate keeping me company in bed during mouldy Tuesday.....

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  1. Love the pic C - what a comfort our small, smelly, fur shedding, instinctively understanding best friends can be.