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Saturday 24 August 2013

Another perspective.

Firstly ditty of the day, from the wonderful Selina, via email this morning.  Something that her Mum (the one with more pictures of dogs than the children!) had scribbled down on the back of an envelope.

"Do not be down, be uplifted
Do not be pitied as a victim, be admired as a victor over tragedy
Do not be weakened by despair, be strengthened with hope
Remember the joy and cast out the misery"

My mantra for life just now.  Thanks, Selina.

This blog is one of the most profoundly moving things I have read on too many levels to mention and I am honoured that SJN has agreed to let me share it with you

Disabilities and Eating Disorders: More than just a nightmare of Equal Opportunities

Last but not least, many thanks to Charlotte W for this one. Specially loving the bison....

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