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Friday 9 August 2013

Thursday Morning update

What's the story?

I have woken up feeling like I have been run over by a truck. There are good things about this. Firstly, there was a point yesterday when I genuinely didn't want to wake up. I found breathing just too much effort. I was too tired to sit up and couldn't be bothered to change position in bed despite severe pins and needles in my arm. I can only sleep on my left hand side or on my back anyway but even the effort of wriggling my fingers out from under my head was just not worth it. Extreme mouldiness. 

Today the sun is rising in a cloudless sky. A duck family is quietly waddling and quacking outside my door and I have a morphine hangover. However, I have slept, the antibiotics are beginning to work and, contrary to HWiSO's predictions, I am not ready to leave just yet.

The results of all my scans is good. Firstly, I officially have a brain, confirmed by Dr W In Front Of Georgie, who can no longer call me a brainless idiot. My brain is cancer free just now, which gives me no excuse not to get the VAT sorted on my return home on Saturday - sucks! Secondly only the original lump in my shoulder has grown and we are hoping to crunch that with the next chemo on Wednesday. Everywhere else my body is holding the barricades firmly in the face of the cancer - Go Me!

I won the poo in a pot battle. I have to be way iller for there to be any chance of that. Just sharing. 

The nurses have been, as always, fantastic and fun. I have ridiculously low blood pressure so got up at 5.30 for tea, biscuits and a little light exercise before the antibiotic injection and blood draw at 6 am. I am perfecting a whole "don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me" routine but will concentrate on "going hard or going home" for tomorrow. 

The difficulty with being that mouldy is that I scare the family. With Tim going home tomorrow, I worry about HWISO's reactions. According to the girls, he can make a very dramatic cup of tea! Tim and Em blew in yesterday like the Blues Brothers. They are very similar. And funny. They had completely forgotten the bag of essentials I had asked for from home and had, instead, blown the "car park" money on Crunchie biscuits and fizzy water. 

Captain Worrywart and Miss Distracted arrived with the bag yesterday evening and I was thrilled that Dr W came in to talk to them both. They believe what she says but regard anything I say with deep suspicion and seem to think I am hiding stuff from them. Me? Protecting them? Now why would I do that..... 

So from wanting to not to wake up yesterday, today looks a thousand times better and brighter and for living. Amazing what a confident team of nursing staff, THE best oncologist and a few drugs can do......

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