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Sunday 10 November 2013

What is this feeling?

HWISO and I had a busy day yesterday with Mark, the carpenter (misnomer but just how he is known.  He is an amazing handyman, builder, plumber, craftsman married to a qualified electrician!) and spent the day doing the stuff that takes him an hour and would take HWISO all day, cause him stress and require me to run around admiringly finding drill bits.

The house is now ready for renting and we spent an evening yesterday that seemed like a fleeting dream from a bygone age - relaxing - no long list of things to do, no nagging whisps of emptying dishwashers or putting on another load of washing, no lists of what has to be done tomorrow, no worries. No wandering into the kitchen and shuffling piles of paper, knowing that they need dealing with, wondering if there's enough milk until Monday, grabbing piles of washing on the way upstairs to be "sorted" in the morning, no fighting the dogs to get to the Aga, no checking the computer stats on the blog on the way past the office, catching glimpses of cobwebs on the ceiling when the lights come on or any of the other minor and major random nags that cross my mind at home

What was it, this intangible nimbus I couldn't quite grasp?

Ah - no responsibility 

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