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Tuesday 12 November 2013

Overnight Kvetching

Firstly HWISO doesn't read the blog. His choice. Ringing up to discuss stuff on there with him only confuses him. 

My constipation problems are being handled medically now. Anyone else who has had this morphine related problem will understand what I mean and I am fine. Just windy. As Tiff can testify. Me and Uhu are very happy living in a cloud of noxious gas. I always wanted to be a lab.

Simon, ringing people up at 9pm for a chat, especially farmers, is not going to get a warm and friendly response.

A whole tub of Hagen Daaz salted caramel ice creams for supper is a perfect balanced diet. 

If you add the last three macaroons that darling Tiff bought back from Paris, it actually constitutes heaven. 

Uhu has to have an operation today on his bottom. Please everyone wish him well.

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