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Thursday 21 November 2013

Guest writer time - health update

Apologies to anyone waiting for Charlotte's wit humour and insight.
It's Tim, a blogged about brother, filling in while Miss Bossy Boots (more about those later) is giving the staff at Bury St. Edmunds hospital a run for their money.
She is much better now they've stopped giving her medicine, of course! She had an infection last week and has since then been on a carousel of diverse antibiotics and proving to be the outlier again, reacting strongly against each one. At least I think that's what happen but when you're talking to Mrs. Morphine it is easy to misunderstand some of the finer points.
Her arm remains very swollen and her infection has blown her right shoulder into a weird shape, with more bumps than are strictly necessary on a lady.
She is due to go to Basildon in the next few days, which is very good news as there is obviously a lot of hope for the operation to go ahead next Wednesday.

(It may also be that the staff at Bury are understandably taking any measures necessary to ensure she gets the best possible care, as far away from Bury hospital as they can manage.)

Charlotte is very tired and on a regular drug regime day and night, so will be unable to blog herself for a few days. With limited energy and only one hand operational she will not be replying to the multitudes of well-meaning messages. Thank you for the thoughts, which are wonderful, but too exhausting to read, let alone reply to.

Meanwhile back here, the ranch looks wonderfully tidy. A photo was posted on her Fb page earlier today showing what happens to the Bevan kitchen when the women are not around. Chrissy and I have been able to find things, without moving stuff, bliss.

As for Uggly Lottie, she's very very happy with her new boots…. please note the light's reflection is not a symbol of masculinity, that's pure fallacy.


  1. Sandra White21 November, 2013

    I am so sorry to hear of Charlotte's problems - as if she hasn't got enough! Sending her a huge iridescent green/gold angel ball of support, comfort, healing, positivity, and love.

  2. Thanks Tim, so lovely to get an update! Please send love and best wishes to Charlotte x

  3. If Charlotte can't cope with responses, I hope you will appreciate some, Tim. Thanks for the update, as I imagine this is all tough on you too. I see you are just as WILD as Charlotte.

  4. The sense of humor, and the ability to find humor in any situation is apparently genetic.

  5. Tim, you seem to have your clever sister's humor and wit as well - must run in the family. We know her operation is forthcoming - our thoughts and prayers are with her...always. She has impacted so many - we hope all of our love reflects back on her with our good thoughts and a good outcome.