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Monday 4 November 2013

Crying with Erica

I am overwhelmed by this.  Really I am.  It is impossible to take a proper photo of a shiny plate without a reflection but I have done my best.  I did my best not to cry - so did Erica and the girls.  We did that British thing of watery eyes…...

There are many many people with whom I share this - to name a few: Laura, the Modsquad, the (ever-growing) FEAST UK team, my brave mums Anita and Nelly, the forum, the members of FEAST worldwide, my FEAST FB buddies, Dr Z, my recovered and recovering pals and anyone else who knows me.  This really is a team effort and I believe that we are slowly changing the way Eating Disorders are perceived and understood and grinding away at those harmful treatment regimes and protocols.

Also those clinicians who interact and don't blame parents - thank you from the bottom of my heart - keep shouting it out for me.

For those of you, like me, who can't read it, it is the Magic Plate Award for advocacy.  

Yes, my phone cover is labradors...

Erica's golden fork cake and the Magic Plate

The cake before we start it.

I am just so……..well ……there we go.

As you were.


  1. Love this.
    It is so deserved.
    Just saying.

  2. Wonderfully deserved, Charlotte. Sending love and hugs across the pond.

  3. Sandra White04 November, 2013

    So well deserved dear Charlotte. Sending a huge iridescent green/gold angel ball of comfort, support, healing, courage, pain relief, optimism and love.

  4. Well deserved my dear. Sending love your way. Best, Therese Waterhous

  5. Charlotte, if anyone is deserving of this award, this recognition of great kindness, devotion, commitment and drive to help others so in need, in helping to save lives of our young ones, helping parents preserve their sanity, helping clinicians appreciate and more fully understand the plight of parents desperately wanting to be heard, our grief, our insane and crazy drive to save our children from ED - Your Voice, Your Big Girl Pants, Your gentle persuasive "breathe woman, just breathe" - well - you personify this award - Thank you and we all love you and I'm sending you a big, gentle, giant American Hug from the deep of Surrey - (I know, so un British, but then I'm allowed on some level to get away with that)… xxxx Lovely to know you had such a lovely day with Erica and "Keep on Trucking" … just saying and all that ..

  6. I want to say so much but never know how lo say it ............ X