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Friday 8 November 2013


So my blog yesterday got me into a bit of a HooHah with a bit of misunderstanding. 

My point about the ruckus at Colchester was to highlight a couple of points:

  1. the "target" thing: it is unfair, unjust and contrary to everything I believe in to bully junior staff into falsifying data to protect the hospital (and its funding?);
  2. all levels of staff complaints should be listened to;
  3. cover-ups are inexcusable;
  4. Unison did a great job here (but let's not talk about Grangemouth, eh, Jo?!)

I also wanted people to understand very clearly: 

  1. that a two or three day delay in chemotherapy does not kill people; 
  2. talking about the Royal Wedding delaying chemotherapy and contributing to the death of a patient could be very misleading. 
  3. It could also result in a flood of phone calls from concerned patients and relatives to the NHS helplines that were unnecessary

I am in no position to comment on this situation except to stand up for the support staff, who deserve a gold medal, considering the bullying and fear for their jobs and to correct incorrect information.

Whilst I have huge compassion for the lady who lost her Dad and understand Jeremy Vine's desire for good radio, I nevertheless feel that it could be a highly damaging situation.

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