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Monday, 25 November 2013

No breakfast again today

Because no one is "allowed" to spread butter on my toast.  Following the utterly disgusting meal given to me last night and the interesting lunch yesterday, do you think it is worth pointing out to the hospital that I haven't eaten a single meal since I got here on Saturday?

I wasn't expecting the Ritz or even a private nursing home but I was expecting a bit of nursing - no one will help me wash, no one will cut up my food, no one will help me dress.  I am supposed to be here for another two weeks, even more incapacitated than I am now.


I can't see it being much fun. 


  1. Hi Charlotte, this is my biggest bug bare in the NHS regarding nursing CARE.
    (And I am a nurse!) Too much admin, taking doctor role, too few nurses unable to have the time to actually nurse their patient.
    Take matters into your own hands and go and tell someone. They need to know...
    Sending strength for next week.

  2. Hi Charlotte, Despite a history of ED no-one will help me feed myself. I cannot feed myself without support. Carers have to come in to support me. It's a disgrace! Love & hugs. Thinky xx

  3. Crap, crap and triple crap - how can we sort this and help? Time to recruit some Candy Stripers? Time we had them in the UK and we can start with you; uniform and all :-) xxxx