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Sunday 3 November 2013

Hanging on to a comet's tail...

Firstly, the situation with the well-meaning friends has resolved itself - gracefully and smoothly and without the need for ranty emails.  I REALLY appreciated all the support and love, as did the family.  I also appreciated the goodwill and love behind the whole affair and the great advice I received from the Second Nicest Man in the World (after HWISO).

Yesterday my house was filled for a few hours by six beautiful teenage girls in transit to and from parties and stations.  Firstly, a big thank you to Anna for taxiing the first three and to Alex for picking up the others and washing my flower vase, as only she can.

Teenagers (who may have a slight problem with drinking too much wine and a complete lack of sleep) are like gannets when it comes to food.  Anything that requires preparation (like unsliced bread) is too much effort and cruising through the crisps, biscuits, grapes and cakes is what is needed.  And lots of tea or coffee.  In a different mug each time.  Same applies to water.  Luckily, there is a second layer of Mia's biscuits still untouched for today.  It was an interesting experience to watch Tilly going to an Arsenal match, resplendent in Halloween glasses, complete with hairy nose and dummy!

By the time the last car had left for Hertfordshire party, the kitchen was like the Second Coming but my spiritual life had been enhanced and lightened by their stories, their wit, the confidence and the sheer shining beauty of the exuberance of them all together. I left the kitchen and went for an afternoon nap with a smile on my face.  By the time I woke up, HWISO had performed magic on the kitchen (during half time in the rugger) and all was right with the world.

I don't know whether it is because there is a glimmer of some relief from the relentless pain with whichever operation proves necessary, or because the pain is getting worse, but I am finding it hard to manage just now, so may not be blogging quite so much.  However, I will keep you informed as much as I can and the Fairy Blogmother may step in.  I hope she doesn't swear too much.

We were going to go to the Fireworks at Wetherden last night.  We have been every year for 22 years and it is a bit of a tradition.  HWISO didn't want to go and by the time it got to 6pm, if I had been honest, I was in way too much pain to stand up for an hour, getting bumped by people in the dark.  I muttered and emanated resentment for a while, but then settled down to Strictly and calmed down.

I just worry that my life is being counted down in things that I will never do again and I SHOULD do them.  On the other hand, I don't want the family to have memories of "Mum's last...".  I dread Christmas for that reason but at least they will have Southwold next year to start afresh.

And so the ramblings continue.  I am pleased that I am providing help and hope to others in my situation - lovely comment LGC - back at ya with the love stuff.

To finish, two old photos that make me smile.  G experimenting in the kitchen (aged about 7) - the old bicarb makes a volcano thing.....

And Em (aged 13), sitting on the dock of the bay in Southwold....

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  1. beautiful, beautiful pictures once again. and stripped bare honesty, very glad you sorted everything out with the well-meaning friends. xxxx