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Tuesday 12 November 2013


rethink mental illness
Stand Up for Schizophrenia this week
Dear Charlotte,
We want to say a big thank you for pledging to Stand Up for Schizophrenia – it's a courageous move and your support means a tremendous amount. You've made the commitment to spread better understanding of what it's like to live with this condition and you're joining the fight to challenge the misunderstanding and fear that surrounds it.
Schizophrenia Awareness Week (November 11 - 17) is now here - share the reality of schizophrenia with friends, family and other connections on social media.
On  and  this week we want you to follow our activity and Share the materials we post there to spread the word. 
Not on social media? We also have a blog for Stand Up for Schizophrenia and, as the week progresses, there will be materials there to share with friends and family. And we'd love it if you could join us in our fundraising work.
During this week you'll also be able to watch videos and read moving personal stories, hear surprising facts and learn more about the impact of schizophrenia and psychosis. We'll also be revealing the ways Rethink Mental Illness is working to make people's lives better.
Thanks again!
Digital Communications Officer

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