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Tuesday 5 November 2013

Lighter note

Dog remedy for my friends in the Southern Hemisphere who are facing the curse of Doggie Hay Fever and Itchy Skin Rash.

Local honey in their food.

For the labs, I recommend a teaspoon full.  For smaller breeds perhaps half a teaspoon?  Not that this is in any way a "clinical" recommendation but just what works for us.  Also, it supports your local bee keepers.  I think "local" is defined as a 20 mile radius but, naturally, for city dwellers, can be extended..

There is an article here about Honey and Humans, written by the late, great Cassandra Jardine.  Dogs love honey.  

Just saying.

Besides it's a good excuse to post a piccie of Mum and Pirate (and our bins!!)

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