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Friday 8 November 2013


So I was in a lot of pain (crushing arteries does that for you!) and really grumpy yesterday morning (sorry, Sophie S but love the present!) - Also truly sorry, HWISO. You are a saint - and then the morph patches and a revelation of what life used to be like. Phew. The trick now is not to do too much!

My other kvetches yesterday included a long rant to Laura about my recent photos. I am not vain. Never have been but I don't want to be remembered as an old woman (I am 48), with grey hair, a puffy face and a beige cardigan. So I "virtually" wept about it and she changed all the photos on the Helix site for me and I love her for it.  Now, that's what I call a real friend. She did try the "but you're beautiful" thing, by the way, but got, within about 5 seconds that was not going to work. She knows me too well. Thank you, darling one.

I also kvetched about the reply letter from Ayr & Arran NHS Trust that my Mother-in-Scotland received yesterday. What a load of arse covering tosh. I will be going through it with a fine tooth comb and it will deserve at least one whole blog to itself.  Just one question though

"Since when does attendance at appointments constitute ongoing, effective treatment?"

That opens the floodgates a bit. I have attended almost all my appointments and am receiving ongoing treatment.  What do I do about the fact it has not been effective? There I go again - me, me, me. At least I have a diagnosis and my cancer is not being blamed on my magical thinking and over-anxious mother, with an unconfirmed (and spurious and libellous?) diagnosis of Munchausens by Proxy. 

You have been warned.

Nelly has received an equally flaccid reply from West Sussex NHS. A Flaccid Flood (AFF) is quite a good way to describe these letters. A lot of useless hang-wringing, no apology, a lot of dilution, no concentration and a huge dirty mess left for someone else to clear up.  

Obviously a busy weekend of Ranty Red Marker pen coming up. RM, you around?

I shall do it whilst trying not to cry my way through this interview - for my non-ED friends, a brilliant round up explanation of brain disorder, not a choice, treatable illness thing. I am sad I wasn't well enough to do it but delighted with the way it turned out. I would have never been so articulate or calm.

Last but not least - and blame the AFF letter from West Sussex CAMHS for this - a bit of a rude inside joke from the marvellous ModSquad. We talk a lot about food and exchange receipts. FM is still recovering from my "Hot Chilli Vodka" one, but that's another story. It also exposes our cross-cultural "two nations divided by a common language" blips.

"Add a knob of butter."

Cue hysterical laughter, rolling on the floor and inability to communicate other than in expletives from across the Atlantic and blank-faced bewilderment from the UK.

"What do you think I mean?"

"Erectile dysfunction.."


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