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Saturday 9 November 2013

Creeping round the inevitable

So after an exhausting week of stress, driving through terrible rain down the A12, seeing doctors, having tests and assimilating information, we fled to Southwold for a bit of peace.

We would be hopeless refugees, really we would. So terrified of leaving something we may want behind, we forget things we might need. So we got here at lunchtime. I was long on knickers but short on anything to actually eat!

I have been trying very hard to not "take over" with this house. The temptation to put my stamp on it, infuse it with my essence, leave it as more than an echo of my brief time here is almost overwhelming. But this must be HWISO's house. His little cave. His project. So I bite my lip and quietly bless my handicapped arm as, in other circumstances, I would have changed and jiggled and moved his carefully thought out groupings of pictures. Without asking for an explanation or noticing.

Don't get me wrong. He has done a great job. He does have an over cluttering tendency, which means that lots will have to be "put away" before the lets arrive but this is a small price to pay for his comfort.

So today, I will sort the stuff to go home again, leave stuff for our week next week and leave the pictures alone.  Except maybe one or two

And get some lunch in.

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