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Friday, 22 November 2013

Clearing the backlog

It seems forever since I had enough energy to blog. I have spent the last few days asleep either in my own bed or in hospital. All of it has been in pain, despite the best efforts of anathetists, pain management specialists and the wonderful nurses. And they are bloody brilliant those nurses.

I have been in and out of hospital every day for  a week now. The infection in my shoulder is not responding to the antibiotics. In fact, the abs seem to be making it worse. Even the hardened Triage Nurse in A&E had tears in her eyes when she saw it yesterday morning.

Tim has been our lifesaver and anchor.  I am so grateful for him. And his beard.

There have been good moments. Winning with consultant that the antibiotics weren't working. Sneaking Ali and her supply of chocolate in, despite strict visiting rules. Being put on a new ward with a bunch of intrepid amusing women.

To the nasty little man from pharmacy, I hope no one treats your mother or sister the way you treated me. I am not a freak show and you have no conception what I was going through. To try and get me thrown out of hospital because I swore when my pain medication was over half an hour late just proves to me its time for you to start saving up for one of those penis extensions.

Don't you dare judge,me as being some kind of spoilt brat and curl your lip and mimic my posh accent. Keep your pseudo working class prejudice to yourself. I happen to be one of those people who fights for the underdog.

As everything changes every hour, just to say I'm here.

In my booties. 


  1. huge love to you Charlotte - and well done at spotting that k-head's shortcomings xxxxxxx Nicki xxxxxx

  2. It sounds incredibly tough. Awful to think of the pharmacist totally missing the opportunity to connect with humanity, when we all need others to accept us, (swearing classily or not) in our pain. Wonderful to think the nurses, anaesthetist, pain specialists, really got it.
    I'm glad you're hanging in there, as you say, hour by hour.

  3. Hey What is the number at the hospital? I want to speak to the Pharmacist.