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Thursday 14 November 2013

Mind over matter

Despite all protests by HWISO and medical device to contrary and possibly the slowest journey EVAH, I got to Southwold.

Conditional about me doing nothing other than pay for cakes,sign papers for Mum's estate and rest, I am here. Lying in bed. Letting everyone else do everything - hard - with Uhu also recuperating. I have to go back tomorrow for appointments. Bundy has to go pick up Alice. HWISO has to drive me (excruciatingly slowly) and Tim and Mick "have" to try out Aldeburgh Golf Course.

But to have a few hours together has been life affirming, funny, cathartic and not nearly as terrifying as HWISO thought it might be. Even managing to chip his second shot of the day into the back of the groundsman little truck is a source of pride and skill, not a lucky accident.

The horror of hospital is receding. As always, the staff are amazing. The faults are not them but not enough specialist beds for the elderly. But they do get a bed and careful nursing. That's what is important.

There is a distinct nip in the air up here but MJ was right. The smell and sound of the sea are more enervating and restorative than anything.

I still hate cancer but am just not ready to give in to whatever it is throwing in the way of my life just now. I may have to live my life from the palatial splendour of my little bed but I am going to make sure that bed is among my family today.

Pip pip from fuck you cancer headquarters for the day


  1. I am SO happy you got there!!

  2. I love your cozy nest. Being around happy family is good medicine!

    Also, MJ is always right.

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