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Sunday 10 November 2013

Women of a certain age

I had such a lovely conversation last night with Cousin Ann, which brought up so many points I don't know quite where to start.  Sorry not to have this up for your early morning cuppa, Ann.  Wifi problems.

Ann, a lady of a certain age - I'm sure she won't mind me saying she's definitely a pensioner - has bought herself an iPad. She was saying she was enjoying it but sometimes wanted to throw it across the room in frustration.  Ann, iPads are wonderful but capricious. Like teenagers. Most of the time, they are great but every now and again, they do something so illogical and time-wasteingly destructive, you wonder why on earth they were invented. Or, as my friend Aussie Lynda says, it's one of those moments when you realise why some mothers eat their young!!

I admire Ann for her enthusiasm to embrace new technology. My mother loved her computer and even though my Dad claims his is "coal-fired", his scanning skills appear to outstrip mine. I love the Grannies exchanging email addresses and the fact that Parish minutes and The Museum Committee notes arrive by email nowadays.

Then, there is the next group.  Those who embrace technology willingly and happily but, when they discover one particular "techno toy" want the world to stop. This is their comfort zone.  Two of my favourite men, Tim and our lovely Land Agent, Mike, made me laugh a few years ago as they were BOTH at exactly the same time, trawling EBay for spare batteries for their (same model!) Nokia ancient but comfortable, phone. They had some success but did eventually cave and move on. Love them both for their intransigence and loyalty.....

Then there are those who utterly refuse new technology. They will have a mobile in the car for emergencies.  There is no charge in these phones of course and are totally useless but are there as a sop to their children.  These are the people who have not got used to the death of Teletext, not understanding that there is 24 rolling news and even a few channels dedicated entirely to weather!

For me, I am with the "Ann" contingent but do have sympathy with the Nokia crew. For the last group, I do understand that learning something new is scary but the world is round. Really, it is.


  1. My mother is someone who used to insist that the world was flat, but has become markedly adept at googling Trip Advisor posts for her grand-daughter's family hotel these days.

  2. My mother had been using the same (albeit different items) model of Nokia for too many years to count. But the day before I came into hospital a fortnight ago, I went on the Orange website and upgraded her to an iPhone. She loves it, despite having claimed for years that she would never change!