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Saturday 9 November 2013

Changing rooms.


Now I get it, Em.

I get why you were happy in this little room. My room next door is all very big, posh and grown up but this is definitely the womb room. I have pulled out the guest bed and made the room into a double.  I can't get to the cupboard. I can't get out of bed without serious threat to the skull because of the bookshelf and the bin HAS to live in the corridor.

I am using the small corner of carpet as a repository for shoes. The other half of the bed is all my clothes. The bedside table groans with the radio, the clock, the light and the water and one lives in constant fear of turning over and being hit with flying metal, whilst being ignominiously drenched.

Choosing what to wear will not be a problem this morning. It's whatever is nearest. I have suspended a soft jumper and a red sock over the lethal corner of the shelf to remind and warn. It works for me. But not for HWISO. So he's not keen on coming in

Which is fine

Coz he doesn't fit.

I am Never Sleeping in Any Other Room.

So there…

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