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Sunday 17 November 2013

Wind in the pillows

Not much of a blog this morning I'm afraid. I spent most of yesterday asleep. These antibiotics are pretty strong and the lymphodema is causing me unimaginable pain, so I have been mainlining the painkillers.

The girls came home yesterday afternoon, infusing the air with their glamour, vigour and the sweet tang of youth and beauty. It is so lovely to see them and they don't seem to mind the lack of filter one bit. I think it just turns me into a teenager so am feeling rather "down with the kids".

Tim took me to hospital for my IV yesterday. He is so not in hospital mode just yet. He tried to mend the TV, tried out all the levers and hinges on the orthopaedic chairs, folded and unfolded the screens, did a pantomime with the pee pots - yes, of course he pretended to be Princess Leia. Needless to say, we were in and out in record time.

We also managed to get it all done between the rugger and Strictly!!

Tim and I have been googling how to deal with lymphodema and bandaging this morning. Even we have decided that the do it at home whilst watching and instructive You Tube video may not be the best option so I may be throwing myself on the hospital's mercy this morning.

As for the title of the blog?  Snuggled up in my nest with my cup of tea dealing with the consequences of too much morphine yesterday. 

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