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Sunday 24 November 2013

Doing something coolwiththe Intrawebz.

Not sure how I have managed it or what I have done and have very little doubt I will probs not be able to do it again, but here I am, people, alive and relatively well in Basildon

Taxan, my nurse, has looked after me well and is a brave little lion, when standing up to doctors. He doesn't do the "I've bleeped" accompanied by a hopeless shrug that I have become  used to over the past few weeks. He doggedly keeps bleeping.

After my little trip round Essex, so that Tim could win the "places I have been to beginning with "B" competition, I was quite pained up last night and in the end resorted to taking a drug that gave me St Vitus Dance symptoms last time I took It.

I also got to meet the man with magic hands who put a bandage on ya arm to help with the lymphodema. He also happens to have mesmeric eyes and should Be whispering sweet nothings in your ear on a Mediterranean Island, rather than when you are a snotty fetal ball, refusing to relinquish your smelly dog blanket. But,hey,I'm not fussy.

I am now off to Google what time Costa opens and try and take some photos..... 

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