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Sunday 10 November 2013


So I went into Colleen & Clare, for a change, to find some Ugg boots.  Mine have lost the grip on the bottom and despite HWISO's best attempts with his Swiss Army knife, re-scoring them has not solved the problem.

My feet are increasingly numb and cold.  I wear two pairs of socks, even in bed and made the mistake of wearing "proper" shoes the other day to visit Bury St Edmunds.  I had to soak my feet in warm water for a long time to get the feeling back and am terrified of scalding myself, as I can't feel the temperature.  My toenails are beginning to die back (Nice Huh?  The stuff no one tells you about cancer!) and when HWISO said he would buy me a pair of Uggs for Christmas, I not only jumped at the chance but argued my case for having my present early.  6 weeks is a long time to wait and I know I will get full use of out them now.  I even said he could have them back on Christmas morning and wrap them up for me.

I tried really hard to get some long ones on but, one handed, socks are a nightmare - boots are impossible - so we have settled on the little ones with buttons on the side.  Which they don't have in my size but are on order so I can pick them up, hopefully, when up this week, with the Brothers.

Whilst in there, HWISO was "just looking" at the men's coats.  Now I have always thought the Aigle was pronounced A Gull - that's how any right thinking English person would pronounce it.  But Non, Non, Non, it is pronounced Eye Gla. 

They make nice coats though...

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  1. My new favourite shop and longing to visit it again soon. So much love xxx