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Sunday 10 November 2013

Fuzzy? Me?

I finally got round to reading the notes that came with the morphine patches. It said that if you must drink alcohol (????), please be aware that it may make you very sleepy.


I tried this out at lunch time with a quarter glass of red and, guess what?  They were right.  I slept quite soundly through the incomprehensible rugger - the one where they don't seem to get dirty but are delightful to gaze at anyways. I do like the "new kit" these rugby players wear and don't miss the flappy stripes of the Will Carling era one little bit.  As a dying middle aged woman, I can also add I was slightly wide eyed at the assorted colours of the "jock straps". They no longer seem to be the off-white which I remember emerging from the depths of Tim and Mick's games bags at the end of term. There was definitely a flash of Kingfisher blue yesterday.  Or maybe that was the morphine/wine combination.

(On the note of the Brother's games kit, I do recall Mum once using a long handled wooden spoon to tackle the bottom of it because I think the old woollen games socks we used to wear had actually started to disintegrate into mush......)

Anyways, this has put me in a dilemma. I now yearn for an early evening glass of wine but am afraid I'll fall asleep in Strictly.

Decisions.  Decisions.

Morning update: had half glass of wine, got through Strictly. Slept like a log. Got a hangover. Hmmmm

(Me in Jamaica, asleep, 2011!)

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