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Saturday 16 November 2013

Losing faith

I heard on the radio this morning that doctors and nurses are going to be prosecuted for neglect, - or was it negligence? - and could face a prison sentence. This all follows on from the scandal at Mid-Staffs.

This mind-melded with my current worry with darling MiS. What do you do and where do you turn to when you have lost faith in everyone in the Health Service but you really need help?  Especially if we are talking about a mental health crisis?

MiS has a red flag on her records and the slur of an unqualified Munchausens by Proxy dx on there too. How would you approach your GP for much needed anti depressants and help, if you knew that the GP's practice had been part of this?  Where would you go for help, if you knew that this accusation was flagged and followed you, even if you change doctors? What would you do if there was nowhere to turn without this following you and being front and centre of any healthcare professional's assessment of you?

Also, how would you even begin to explain the last three years?

This is not a rhetorical question. This is a genuine plea for ideas. It is NOT an ask for free counselling  either.

I don't know where to start but I DO know we have to help her get immediate help, get her health records set straight -Ayr & Arran are slower than sea thingies (snails?) that go really slowly - and acknowledge that she is not being paranoid or over defensive but has a very genuine right to feel like this.

It is up to the professionals to rebuild her trust. Not up to her.

But nobody seems to be listening.

Anyone got a megaphone I can borrow?

Fuck Cancer HQ for the day…….


  1. This goes to the heart of stigma. I'd say go to the government (yeah, I know, call me naive), or the press (stop laughing!), but in the end what most of us come to know is that we pick a path to the door of the right person or at least seek out support in forums like ATDT.

    Sadly my love, the is no magic wand and no justice. But advocacy is not only making great pushes forwards, it is also about chipping away at the baseless foundations until the paradigm is toppled.

  2. Dearest Charlotte - I love you for your directness and ability to create such pictures with your words. Actually I just love you and read your blog as a way of being near you and to try and understand which I will never really. But I love you deeply. From a fellow mum who fought alongside you. Grace Maguire xx

  3. Go straight to Jeremy Hunt or his counter part in the govt which covers Scotland. I'm outraged by MiS's plight and being red flagged, regardless of reasoning, does not help her ill child. Where is the stop gap on this Catch 22? OK - I don't know the entire story, however, a fundraising campaign just to help her out and get her private help in the UK or elsewhere? Crap, this is driving me nuts!