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Thursday 11 July 2013

Zipety Do Dah

My oh My aren't steroids wonderful.

Feel sorry for the poor family, people.  Instead of my usual 10 hours sleep and lazy get up, I have been up for hours, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, done another load of washing, wiped and dusted, written lots of emails, written a shopping list with stuff we actually need on it, zipped around with bon mots on the forum and found the dictionary (urban) of "mimble".

I might even do the filing today.  Definitely going to sort out the clothes and maybe wash the dressing gowns so the Fairy Blogmother can borrow one that is not completely covered in dog hair and those indistinguisable but alarming bits of stain blobules.

I am feeling SO energetic that I am feeling slightly envious of G going to Thetford this evening.

(Note to Laura: thankfully I take the last lots of steroids on Saturday morning, so will prostrate with exhaustion by the time you get here.  Panic not).

Meanwhile, picture of the day is another one from House of Mutt.  My darling friend Sarah takes the dogs to Holkam beach for a walk on a Sunday.  She transports them all in a horse box.  (Secret note: the Queen has a beach hut here!).

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  1. KrisBaldo11 July, 2013

    Enjoy it while it lasts! ������