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Friday, 12 July 2013

Can I have a crisis

just for a moment?  It is a vanity crisis so it seems a little self-indulgent but, heck, what's the point of a blog if you can't have a good old mimbling whinge now and again?

So I am back on a high dose of steroids, which make me "flushed".  As I am quite red faced anyway and suspect that if I could ever be bothered to go and see a dermatologist, would be diagnosed with rosacea, I now look very "ruddy faced farmer".

HWISO and I are off "out" this morning to Southwold.  This necessitates me LOOKING IN THE MIRROR (Ewww..) and PUTTING ON MAKE-UP, so I don't frighten the horses when we get to Southwold or stop the traffic as everyone thinks I am a red warning light.

Some time ago, G MADE me buy some foundation.  I am not a great fan of make-up per se and never wear it unless "going out" to a party as it makes me feel greasy and uncomfortable.  However, this morning drastic measures and all that required me to put some on.  This meant looking in the mirror.  These days, catching sight of my reflection causes me to pause and think "Who's that funny white haired old lady?".

So I didn't turn on the light in the bathroom, dabbed around with my "foundation brush" which G also made me buy, stabbed myself in the eye whilst trying to put mascara on the five remaining eyelashes, brushed my wisps into some sort of slightly less Einsteiny order and came downstairs.  I am perfectly sure I look very peculiar.  Sadly, G is not here this morning to do her usual mother hen bit of smoothing out the lumps and HWISO can be guaranteed either not to notice or not to say anything about my one-sided mascara application underneath which lurks a suspiciously "vampire" eye and the other one mascara less, in case I did the same thing again or forced myself to turn on the light.

Irish Up's bitty plungers are looking like the only sane option when confronted with a mirror these days.....

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