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Wednesday 3 July 2013


Observing reactions has taken up the other half of the brain this past week.  There are those that instantly have tears springing into their eyes and need to touch me to see I am not some bad dream.  There are those that howl and can't be communicated with for a couple of days.  There are those that sniff copiously whilst furiously wiping those naughty stray tears from their cheeks and their keyboards. There are those that swear (Sarah - best EVAH - said with such feeling!).  There are those that just sit in silent sympathy and talk about the weather.

And then, there are those with the ever helpful suggestions:

Let's be very clear on this.  If broccoli juice cured cancer, it would be free on the NHS.  

After all, it is considerably cheaper than chemo.


  1. What about those of us who are crying, denying, looking for cures AND swearing???

    This is what passes for multitasking these days.

  2. What Colleen said, only (as you know), swearing first on my list. Xxx

  3. Anonymous03 July, 2013

    What Colleen said PLUS praying for a miracle, for comfort, for a way out, for a way to make it go away, to make it better....


  4. Anonymous03 July, 2013

    Dearest, dearest Charlotte,

    Just praying...... and crying ......


    Grace Maguire

  5. I am back C. Why? I am not really ready to write tributes and all yet. I feel stuck. So i read more about Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and guess I am stuck in stage 2. Who knew they had a manual for this stuff too?

    Did you know C that Kubler-Ross also came out of the University of Chicago medical school? U of Chicago rocks, and U of Chichago has it all over Harvard Medical School for psychiatry in my opinion.

    I know in time I will be able to move into her other stages and toward a profound calm acceptance and thankfulness for having known a person such as you.

  6. gobsmacked05 July, 2013

    I'm one of the silent listener weather types. I just don't have the words. Listening over the internet doesn't have the same effect as listening in real life, so I just want you to know -- I am here and I am listening.