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Monday 15 July 2013

Oh my

Some people just manage to find the right words.  The Fairy Blogmother came with this as a present from the wonderful C, all the way from the Great Pacific North West.

Love you, girlie.  You have got it so right.

It was beautifully ironed when it arrived in its crisply wrapped parcel along with pjs (wearing the shorties!) and I LOVE YOU.  Nobody, except another tallie gets thats PJs so often are too short in the legs, too short between crutch and waist (hate sleeping with a wedgie) and that proper PJs have pockets...


  1. Do they let you post these words on the interwebs???

    I ran out of curse words and had to (a) call in reinforcements (thanks, Irish for some New Yorkisms, and Bronwyn for Ozzie swears) (b) finally resort to some wizard swears!

    And of course, the old Bevan family standbys.

    Love you, Charlotte! Hate cancer though. Just sayin...

    Thanks, Irish, for adding a few New Yorkisms

  2. Colleen - you made the perfect shirt for dear Charlotte. Both of you are amazing tall women