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Sunday 7 July 2013

Like Husband, Like Dog

I have been saying to the extended family that the next Mrs HWISO should have two qualities: love dogs and make good puddings.  I know that HWISO is a simple man and these are his two basic requirements.  No one in the family wants to listen, just now - funny that - so I thought I would just put it out there.

When I say "love" dogs, I don't mean someone who thinks they are very nice or tolerates them.  I mean someone who is happy to sit on the floor because the labs are lying outstretched on each sofa and there is no room to sit anywhere else.  Someone who will notice if there is something wrong, remove ticks, feel for lumps and is happy to get up and let them out in the middle of the night if they are "caught short".  I also mean someone who complains gently (mimbles, Laura) about doing this in an affectionate "They are a pain but wouldn't have it any other way" sort of voice.  HWISO doesn't need a saint or a martyr!

The puddings thing is because I am totally USELESS at producing puddings.

I got an email this morning from my friend Sarah, who runs The House of Mutt and really KNOWS about dogs of all shapes and sizes.  I can't resist sharing as it sums up HWISO so perfectly

"5 Labs in Muttley residence at mo, amongst the fluffies – why does anyone have anything other than a lab I wonder?!  Having contemplated various other alternatives over the last couple of years ‘should we ever get another dog of our own once all this is over’, D & I now firmly back in the Lab camp.   Rather like the husbands: loyal, lovely, honest, handsome without flash, at their funniest when they don’t really mean to be!"

(Photo courtesy of House of Mutt)

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