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Friday 12 July 2013

Overnight emails.

"We are here on earth to do good to others - what the others are here for I don't know " ~ WH Auden

One came in from an old friend, S, overnight titled thus, that made me smile.  We went to boarding school together aged 8.  For the record, her dressing gown was blue and quilted.

She asked me, when I get to other side, to find her Mum, of whom I was very fond in that distant way that 8 years old either like other people's mothers or are scared of them, as she was sure that her mother had set up a Dog Lover's club.

Why was so she so sure about her Mum?  Well, when they were clearing out the house after her Mum had died, they found piles of old smelly dog beds and blankets that her mother had kept "despite not having had dogs for years".  

"Snap, Seg.  My mum had even moved house with her old smelly dog beds, even though she had no dogs.", I thought, as I sat with my early morning tea at the kitchen table.  I smiled indulgently at the general loveliness of the idea as I noted the four smelly dog beds by the Aga.  For the two labs.  The terrier utterly disdains the dog beds, preferring to burrow under the rugs on the sofa in the sitting room.  The rugs that HWISO has spent vast fortunes on over the years, buying in extra large sizes, to keep the dogs off the sofa covers and therefore keep the sofas relatively mud and dog hair free.

It has become a challenge with Pirate, that HWISO has yet to win.

I let the dogs out and see the other three smelly "outside summer" dogs beds for them to lie on in the day and think vaguely about washing the fleecy rug in the back of HWISO's car which is there for their comfort again, because it is such a nice day and would dry in seconds, rather than ponging out the kitchen whilst steaming dry by the Aga.

All I can then think about is that I hope C has managed to lay her hands on an industrial sized washing machine for the dog beds in Heaven and that I am not going to be expected to unblock the funny drain thingy on the bottom when I get there coz she and Mum are busy sipping wine and discussing exactly which of their collection of dogs is the naughtiest.


"Bean bags by the Aga", with Jet (d.)  

"Not enough outside bean bags so the youngest (then) Uhu gets kicked off", with Happy, Jet, Bertie (all d) and Uhu.  Bean bag now also d....

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