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Tuesday 23 July 2013


Royalist, as I am, I delighted to hear the news of another Royal baby.

Am I disappointed that it's not a girl?  On a post-feminist, modernist level, yes I am.  Britain has always done rather well, with Queens (excepting Mary) and another long-reigning Victoria or Elizabeth would have made me happy.

But when HWISO asked me this question this morning, my first response was that I didn't care as long as the baby and the mum were healthy.  

I don't envy the life of this baby one little bit.  Financial security doesn't make up for a life in the spotlight and the lack of choice about a career.  

I am also pleased that it appears that Kate and William are going back to her mother for a while.  Just how it should be.

I am also thrilled that no Cabinet Minister had to be present at the birth.  Nothing worth than making small talk with George Osbourne, David Cameron and Nick Clegg, whilst sweating and pushing.

(I can hear OMM gnashing her teeth from here, BTW.  Stop it, woman.  No principle is worth your teeth enamel.....)

I don't envy the residents of Buckleberry though....


  1. I'm writing that play!!!!!
    GO. Can you imagine the growth that the feel good factor will bring...
    DoC aaaarrrrrgggghhhh
    Nurse Puuuuush
    NC But of course a Liberal Democrat birth would give the new heir a choice in how to come into the world
    Nurse. I can see the crown
    DoC. So can I !!!!!! Aaaarrrrrgggghhhh

  2. Anonymous24 July, 2013

    Hello lovely, OMM herself here, posting from anon as in Dorset with highly dodgy Internet, no TV or radio. Bliss. Has a baby been born? Lovely - and agree no woman, not even Mrs Osborne deserves him in the labour room.

    And I think Ethelred or Galahad fab names. Or Arthur. Or Trevor. Xxxx