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Tuesday 9 July 2013

Food, Glorious Food

One of the amusing things about working in advocacy for eating disorders is that I know more about food and nutrition than is good for me.

I have the ultimate reply for those who urge "Daily Mail" nutrition regimes on me - who can forget the stepmother's cutting from the Daily Mail that said if I had eaten more lettuce, I wouldn't have got cancer - and that is to tell them to read Bad Science by Ben Goldacre.  Cherry (or cherry tomato) picking is what journalists do best....

Yes, I know about superfoods, broccoli, chillies, tomatoes, blueberries, going vegetarian, going vegan, cutting out sugar, eating more chocolate, carrots, cranberries, steak, sardines, satsumas and salt.  I have heard that I need to lose weight, put on weight, stay the same.  I should eat more often, eat at regular times, eat when hungry, snack, not snack.  I have heard about eating for my blood type, my star sign, my ethnicity, eye colour, as my ancestors did.  I know about the dangers of processed foods, chlorinated salads, cooked foods, raw foods and additives.  I know I should drink a glass of wine, shouldn't drink any alcohol, should drink green tea, shouldn't drink any tea etc etc etc.

So it is with great delight I have been receiving advice from one of Australia's finest eating disorder specialists about my nutritional requirements.  He has sent me a load of food emoticons to remind me to eat.  So far they have contained pizza, ice cream, cake, a carrot and a glass of wine.

Who am I to ignore his advice?

(Picture: Miranda Bunting of Miranda's Murmurs and me with cake!)

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  1. Am compelled to mention the wonderful skit in which Bill Cosby gave his children chocolate cake and milk for breakfast because the combination contained all the major food groups!!!! 8-)