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Thursday 11 July 2013


My dear friend, E, pointed me in the direction of this article this morning.  I read it, nodded in agreement at some parts, roared with mocking laughter at others and finished by patting myself on the back for being an optimist and not a miserable old cynic, doing unmentionable things in public whilst wearing a cloak.

But it did get me thinking that I am a bit of cynic about some things.  I am very cynical about people who think that stigma does not exist, especially mental health stigma.  I campaign loudly and vigourously against stigmatising against people with mental health issues.  Hey, I have them myself and our family is riddled with them.  The extended family are, as a group, an interesting, loud and fun bunch of people to be with and you are very unlikely to get murdered or abused by any of us, despite The Daily Fail propensity to blame every massacre on mental health issues!

I do urge people with mental health issues to talk about it.  I do now understand that discrimination against people of ALL ages with mental health problems is alive and kicking.  So I guess I am allowed to be cynical about people with rainy brains who get depressed and think positive curing cancer people?

I am, after all, a cynical optimist.

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