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Tuesday 9 July 2013

Me and the Junkies

I went to have a blood test early this morning.  They open at 7.30 am in the hospital so all those people who have been fasting overnight can get their bloods done and then eat something!

So I took my number from the ticket machine (509) and sat down to wait.  They were only on 497 and the place was heaving with people who did not look particularly chatty.  Then this rather charming man came in and looked around bewildered.

"You need to get a number from the ticket machine" I said, doing the vague waving thing.

All I can say was that there was obviously nothing wrong with this man's strength.  He managed to yank so hard, he came away with not one number, but three.  The phlebotomists are going to think that 517 and 518 have done a runner.  The upshot of all this was he cheered us all up by trying to sell his numbers on and made us all giggle.

So my number came up and, as luck would have it, I got the young, good looking phleb.  I was dressed as if for mid-winter because it is hard enough to find my veins anyway, due to the chemo, but if I am "room temperature" or colder, it is nigh on impossible.

Eventually we both gave up trying to pretend he was going to find a vein and the gorgeous mumsy phleb came in.  I explained that I was on chemo - like she wasn't going to notice due to the fact my blood form says "CHEMOTHERAPY PATIENT" in big letters across the top and I have no hair....

She smiled at me and said to the young man

"Two lots are really difficult to get the blood out of.  Chemo patients and drug addicts"


I think.

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